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Here are just some of the services offered by the BC Armory: Barrel fitting, both ramped and non - ramped, Rigger modifications, Dovetail sight installation, Serrate and stippling, Refinishing. Installation of after market components: Triggers, Safeties, and Sights.

While the BC Armory will perform all types of services on 1911 style autos, here is a list of packages offered. If you don’t see a service listed that you would like, please contact me for availability and price.

 Reliability Package

1. Trigger job that includes reducing pre-travel, over-travel and set pull to 3 ¾ - 4 lbs.
2. Throat barrel as needed to feed semi wadcutter and hollowpoint ammo.
3. Polish feed ramp.
4. Polish breech face.
5. Tune and adjust extractor.
6. Adjust ejector for proper brass ejection.
$175.00 Plus shipping.
This is the ideal package for concealed carry or duty weapons as well as general target shooting use.

 1911 Part Kits Assembly

1. Complete assembly of customer supplied parts into a complete weapon.
2. Assure all safeties operate properly.
$225.00 Plus shipping.

 Speed Steel Option

1. Lighten slide for fastest cycle time.
2. Tune weapon to fire and cycle your ammo preference.
3. Refinish slide with mirror polish finish.Carbon steel slides will be blued, stainless will be neutral.
$300.00 Plus shipping.
Open class or “Racegun” packages ----POR
Tactical or “IDPA” type packages------POR

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